1995 PORSCHE 993 Convertible manual


  • 1995
  • Sold
  • 117.800 KM
  • wpozzzz99zss332282
  • 272 HP
  • nachtblau metallic F8
  • schwartz
  • manual
  • margin

model history

The external design of the Porsche 993 was penned by English designer Tony Hatter and retained the basic body shell architecture of the 964 and other earlier 911 models, but with revised exterior panels with much more flared wheel arches, a smoother front and rear bumper design, an enlarged retractable rear wing, and teardrop mirrors.

The Cabriolet, introduced simultaneously alongside the coupé in April 1994 for the 1995 model year, featured a fully electrical and hand-stitched soft top reinforced with metal sheets and an automatic wind blocker. On the rear of the Cabriolet, a small spoiler was mounted with the third braking light. The 993 Cabriolet was slightly heavier than the coupé variant and has a curb weight of 1,420 kg (3,131 lb). A high percentage of the total Cabriolets produced ended up in the US. Both the coupé and convertible variants of the 993 were available with all-wheel drive.

our car

Where can you still find them, a real, honest, fully Porsche dealer maintained, original German delivered 993 with a manual gearbox. This midnight blue 2 wheel drive beauty is still completely in its first paint except for 1 front fender. and absolutely everything is still original on this Porsche (even the convertible roof), we have chosen to present this 993 as pure as possible without any cosmetic adjustments. The car is fully documented and was purchased by the first Dutch owner from Porsche Hannover in December 1999 with a mileage of 12,100 km. This true gentleman owned it for over 20 years and transferred it to his friend in 2020. The current owner (a true Porsche enthusiast) and also our family friend asked us if we would like to sell this Porsche for him. We won’t say no to that. P.S. it has only been maintained in the Netherlands by Porsche Amsterdam, most recently on 23-05-2024

Oh yes, the first German owner had chosen to have the 993 fitted with the 2S rear wing.



options / information

Wind catcher

Car cover

Becker radio navigation system

Metallic paint

Wheel locks

Airbag driver and passenger


Cruise control

Heated seat left

Alarm class 3

Velor trunk lining

Electric windows



13-07-1998     8200  km  Porsche Braunschweig

29-09-1999   11500  km  Porsche braunschweig

22-05-2001   20421  km  Porsche amsterdam

19-06-2002   40196  km  Porsche amsterdam

06-07-2004   60893  km  Porsche amsterdam

21-07-2006   79649  km  Porsche amsterdam

03-05-2010   91002  km  Porsche amsterdam

23-03-2012   93563  km  Porsche amsterdam

03-02-2015   99132  km  Porsche amsterdam

09-01-2018  104499 km  Porsche amsterdam

12-10-2020  111568 km  Porsche amsterdam

23-05-2024  117868 km  Porsche amsterdam


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