our process

Your restoration process is our dance of passion and precision, where every step is a testament to our obsession for perfection and detail. It begins with the careful disassembly of each buggy. Our skilled artisan team meticulously breathes new life into these iconic buggies while paying homage to their storied past. The right amount off hours are poured into our process, as we painstakingly refine and perfect every component.

This journey of passion and precision stands for our commitment to excellence.


Step 1: reach out to us.

Let’s make your dream buggy come true, your wishes and our creativity combined together will be the perfect start of your dream. Talk about your wishes and financial options, to guide you along the dream path in the right time frame. We only make our creativity available to fun and Appreciative customers so we can give it all to the projects that matters.


Step 2: place your order.

The time has come to get your dream project started, you are only one phone call or email away. Enjoy your journey with us!

Dreams are becoming closer to reality. After we have reached an agreement on the quotation we will commit ourselves to a time frame of 10 months for building your buggy. A 50 percent deposit is required on the moment you place your order. The balance is spread out equally over the committed building time. so that we can purchase the necessary materials gradually throughout the project. Studio classic 77 is a small company and therefore uses this method to make it as safe as possible for you and for us Remember, we are a small volume creative car studio. Lead times will increase If payments are not acknowledged on the arranged time frames.


Step 3: let the fun begin.

Our creative projects are like a journey. Communication is the key, so your dream becomes reality. We make sure every maneuver is documented. so when you unveil your buggy, you receive a fully documented folder with all specifications. After all, looking back on this beautiful creative process is what you want. We love what we do, we are proud of every design. Your satisfaction is beyond doubt. Our studio builds buggies to last and to be passed on to the upcoming generations.

The sun and the sand and a buggy on my hand


The base is a shortened VW chassis, we disassemble the chassis in its entirety and turn it into a new and healthy buggy chassis with or without IRS system



The new or restored Manx body is expertly built on the chassis, different heights are possible.



The engine is completely overhauled, we can make this possible with different cc and horsepower, for example 1300, 1600 etc…



The original VW rims are professionally widened and re-powder coated. The rims can be supplied in any size or color of your choice.




Our in-house artist can use his talent to create and realize your wishes that suits the buggy and your identity.

painttosample kopie

paint to sample

Your buggy can be supplied in any desired RAL color, also it’s possible to supply a buggy in a choice of many different metal flake colors.



Through years of collecting of sport chairs from the 60s and 70s, we have created a beautiful varied collection. Which we can restore with a new fabric that suits your project.



With our collected old stickers, batches and unique VW or buggy items we can make your buggy one of a kind. With our collection of vintage stickers, batches, unique VW and buggy items.

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