1974 Citroen Mehari


  • 1974
  • € 31.500,-
  • 83.259 KM
  • ay-ca-osca1559
  • 29 HP
  • Montana green
  • Black skai leather
  • Manual
  • Margin

model history

On May 16 – at the time of the student protests in France in 1968 – it was 55 years ago that Citroën presented its new model on the Deauville golf course: the Mehari. The special vehicle – with an open loading platform and a roll-up top – was powered by an air-cooled two-cylinder engine with 21 to 24 kW (28 to 32 hp). The body was made of ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and designed by Roland de La Poype. Citroën based the Mehari on the Dyane platform and originally called the car Dyane 6 Mehari. The Mehari remained in production for almost twenty years – from 1968 to 1987 – and Citroën eventually produced 144,953 Meharis,

Citroën produced the Mehari mainly at its factory in Vorst, Belgium, but the car was also built at seven other factories in France, Spain and Portugal.


The name Mehari comes from a species of dromedary found in North Africa and the Sahara. These animals are known for their ability to cope well in rough terrain, for their great perseverance and for their low need for food and drink. The North African meharis can transport goods and people over great distances through rough terrain and that is why their name fits so well with this versatile Citroën, which can also master rough terrain and has unprecedented capabilities.

From a distance, the Mehari does not seem very suitable for every season. It looks more like a small convertible or a beach car. But thanks to its roll-up winter hood, it can withstand inclement weather conditions and can be used all year round.


The Citroën Mehari is very versatile and adaptable to almost any use. Part of the rear floor can be folded up to form a backrest for two additional seats in the rear. There is room for four people. In short, the car can be used for all kinds of purposes.

The body of the Mehari is made up of just eleven easy-to-repair panels. The car is easy to clean both outside and inside with the garden hose. The car is easy to maintain and also cheap to repair. Citroën used modern materials for that time.


our car

We bought this original Dutch delivered Mehari from a family that has owned this Citroën for more than 24 years. The Montana green Mehari has been completely rebuilt in recent years with NOS parts. Every nut and screw has been taken care of in detail by a true Mehari enthusiast, the body was purchased completely new and the base is completely galvanized. All accessories are included with the car. If you want the very best, this will be it!

options / information

Chassis new restored and galvanised

Tubing completely new

Engine new rebuild

Gearbox upgrade new rebuild

2 fabric doors

Convertible top and windows new

Bikinitop all new

Tonneau all new

Since the restauration in 2022

only done 2155 km!

Do it with passion or not at all
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