1970 Manx tribute Irish green


  • 1970
  • € 32500,-
  • 81.234 KM
  • 119657501
  • 45 HP
  • Irish green & Gold
  • Porsche 356 fabric
  • Manual
  • Margin

model history

VW Buggies finds its origins in California, in the 1960s a group of eager surfers came up with the idea of ​​removing the bodywork from a VW Beetle, to replace it with a light weighted, open body. Within a bit of time, car manufacturers decided to follow the group of surfers. The car manufacturers designed their own modern version of the buggy that still retained the characteristic open design. The 70’s is called the decade of the buggies. They were a hot item all over the world, especially countries with a warm climate. Driving on beaches, in the forest. Buggies are always looking for adventures. The reason why they became so popular was because people could unleash their creativity by customizing their own buggy.

These evolutions created a subculture of buggy lovers.

VW buggies are timeless and represents an important part of automotive history. Because it’s simple design, off-road capabilities and sense of freedom, Buggies has conquered hearts of car lovers around the world.

Now that you gained more knowledge of the history, it’s time to create your own historic buggy. Get inspiration from vintage buggies in our studio, run through your head and sprinkle your own touch.

It’s time to discover adventure, your buggy will guide you on this journey.


our car

1969 Meyers Manx tribute . this buggy has been completely rebuilt in recent years in which no expense has been spared. This Irish beauty has been given a completely new engine and the shock absorbers renewed as well as the tires and rims. This buggy is below and above completely rebuild .

We have restored these sports seats with original Porsche 356 fabric.

such a beautifully preserved buggy is only becoming rarer and more unique.

the VW Dune buggy has original Lemmerz sprintstar rims that have been repainted in gold and our pinstriper has given an extra twist to this rare Buggy.

options / information

  • Engine rebuild
  • New front rear bumper
  • New  sprintstar wheels Mura gold
  • New tyres
  • New exhaust
  • New sportseats original porsche 356 fabric
  • Softtop with beautiful system
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