1969 Ruska Super Buggy


  • 1969
  • € 23500,-
  • 37.900 KM
  • 119616644
  • 34 HP
  • red
  • Black skai leather
  • manual
  • margin

model history

Many people think that there only was one car factory in the Netherlands: DAF. Those people are wrong, Because we had another car factory within our borders. That company is called Ruska. It was located in a row of ancient buildings on the quintessential Amsterdam Lauriergracht, in the middle of the Jordaan. And buggies are being made: over seven hundred in the last six or seven years.


Behind the rudimentary engine hatch, the power source is easily accessible to the two of us: Pa Ruska worked all day long (and gradually developed a strong preference for the Volkswagen brand), Ma Ruska took care of customer service,

It all started after the war. Father and mother Ruska were walking around with the idea of ​​starting a hotel, but that didn’t work out very well. And that’s why they just got into the cars.” Living on the canal in front of the door

That’s how it went. Three sons were also born between the companies. The youngest, Arie, became known for his years of skilled work with always one or another Porsche product at Zandvoort

A buggy like this is only really fun with the hood down

Paul Huf wanted a buggy

In the family, continued. Until one day, top photographer Paul Huf returned from America with an arm full of car magazines and was excited to hear first about what he recently saw in the United States: Dune Buggies. If only the Ruska family wanted to make such a thing for him. You could see how it was done in the photos in the magazines. Please be ready soon

You say something like that twice to a family like the Ruska’s. A somewhat distant Volkwagen was stripped of its bodywork, the platform chassis was skillfully shortened (because that’s what those times said) and the machinery was returned in mid-afternoon, all in new steel and with a lot of diligence. , enthusiasm and dedication, they worked on the testimonials of the vehicle, were inspected and rejected, until finally both the family and photographer Paud Huf were the cens, so the puppy had to be, And so it came about that Paul Huf came up with the very first in the Netherlands

our car

Our Ruska is truly unique, its body is still completely original, it has never been sprayed and it still has its real gel coat. we found this Super ruska in a collector’s attic. this enthusiast was familiar with this car for more than 20 years. and originally built by Ruska Amsterdam, what more could you want

options / information

  • Soft top original
  • Wolfrace wheels NOS
  • New tyres
  • Sport seats / new interior
  • Sport steering wheel restored
  • Bullet style mirrors
  • Original period decals
  • NOS frog lights
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