1968 Chevrolet Corvette C3


  • 1968
  • Sold
  • 28.000 KM
  • 194678S410888
  • 327 CI V8 300 HP HP
  • 983 British Green
  • Black leather
  • Manual

model history

The success story of the Corvette, took on a new journey when the C3, or the 3th generation, was introduced in 1967. A sturdy design that should be classified as a tough muscle car. A silhouette that is associated with a Coca-Cola bottle, nicknamed “coke bottle Corvette” because of its striking fender curve since the side profile resembles a Coca-Cola bottle. With this special nickname for an even special car a new success was born. Other manufacturers often imitated the distinctive design or components.

The body length has been increased by 7,5 inches (19,05 cm) and had grown to 15,2 feet (4,6 m) while the wheel base and width remained the same.

The engine of the Corvette C3 is a 5.7-liter V8 engine with 3500 cc and produced 300 hp

our car

This C3 born in 1968 stole my heart, I call it a beauty. It was restored in a condition of an exhibition vehicle. The flawless visual appearance combined with perfect technical condition conveys a new car feeling. Every component up to the last detail has been brought back to originality. A special original equipment “black-vinyl trim” was used for the seating system, also instruments on the dashboard are carefully restored.

Our Corvette possesses a 327 cubic inch V8 engine, only the engine dated from 1968 owns 300 HP.

The previous owner who had the Corvette for 26 years had the completely overhauled the entire chassis and brake system, together with valued craftmanship he had created a Corvette C3 in excellent condition.

We think this is one of the best on the market , especially in this color and with the rare manual gearbox.

options / information

  • Body off restored car
  • New front brakes
  • 15” rally wheels
  • 4479 pieces produced in britisch green
  • 18 procent of the total C3 production is convertible
  • Original soft top
  • Fully documented
  • Vacium system done
  • Original keys
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