1962 Meyers Manx apricot metal flake


  • 1962
  • Sold
  • 100 KM
  • 5074036
  • 50 HP
  • Apricot metal flake
  • Black skai leather
  • Manual
  • Margin

model history

Do yourself a favor, build a Meyers and put a little Manx in your life

Meyers Manx is arguably one of the most significant vehicles of the last century.

The Manx is far more than just a VW-based sandrail, it’s iconic, a cultural way point of the ’60 that captures the feel and look of a generation. A vehicle version of Beatles music and Peter Max art. The Meyers Manx is the car for the those who are fed up with dealers, factory-installed options and trade-ins, the whole bag. The Meyers Manx is a real car, you can license it, insure it and drive it anywhere, anytime. Just blow your mind off on some winding country road.

Buggies became such a hot seller in Southern California that they talked about “the buggy Boom” of 1969. Meyers , over the years, put out 7000 buggies, perhaps as many of 250.000 look-alikes may have been created by others. The Manx is probably the most copied car in history. Meyers Manx is soul-freeing, leaping, bounding and uninhibited fun than anything else on or off road. Every Meyers Manx vehicle, built, embodies fun, freedom and dirt.

We know daily adventures are different for everyone. Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your mood and whatever the weather, your buggy is capable of handling it all. Are you?

“If you’re in control, you’re not going fast enough”

This first Meyers Manx was build in his own garage in 1964, Bruce created the original.

The ‘Manx” name for the shortened chassis refers to the stubby Manx cat. The tailless cat in the logo is stylized after a heraldic lion, its right forepaw brandishing a sword. In 1968, Steve McQueen instruct a custom Meyers Manx, modified to his own design, and features in The Thomas Crown Affair movie. Bruce’s buggy hype goes global… and beyond. Bruce’s Manx sparked a cultural movement, with the shockwaves still being felt today.

our car

You will not easily be able to buy Meyers Manx in Apricot Metal Flake in today’s world.  nothing beats an original certified Manx. everything about this buggy is new and unique.

For us it is a sport to once again be able to create something special on international roads. see the result below.

options / information

  • New Engine
  • New IRS system
  • Wheels
  • Smoothies elfenbein
  • Front 7
  • Rear 9 J
  • Special made sidewinder
  • Special made steering wheel
  • Special made dashboard
  • Custom made gas tank
  • New interior
  • Original Meyers Manx Certificate
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