35 year passion for classics
1970 Meyers Manx "White"
Original certificated
35 year passion for classics
1961 Meyers Manx
Metal Flake gold "Goldi"
35 year passion for classics
1962 Meyers Manx apricot "Metal flake"
Original certificated
35 year passion for classics
1979 JEEP Golden eagle
“ You know, I’m an eagle, driving around in the mountains”
35 year passion for classics
1999 Maserati 3200 GT
Manual V8

Danny Andriesse is calling, He left a voicemail, (scroll to read)

A unique person who discovered the world through his creativity. From Hong Kong to New York, Danny flies up and down in his head from city to city every day, to combine inspiration and creativity together. The rapid switching from place to place from thought to thought. Life for him is an creative journey.

Danny has been interested at unique items since he was young, cars, watches, furniture, art, nothing is too crazy as long as it is unique and Authentic

Based on all these experiences, Danny has created a unique drive to bring out perfection.

Take it to the next level, He said

Danny makes vintage new and new vintage again, all in a unique way, creative destinations during his journey provide old and new insights. Danny continues his journey with studio classic 77.

All the experiences Danny has gained during his creative journey through life create a special view on iconic items, where the authentic and original product always takes center stage.

Every special design begins with an even special story.

This was Danny calling, End of message.

Porsche 992 Targa Heritage Design Edition
Number 183/992

About Studio Classic 77

77 has been my lucky number for years. For me, number 77 is associated with creativity, originality and passion.

These three features make Studio Classic 77 unique.

An experience guided by love for the profession. Sharing vintage items, and creating new one’s. Everything is possible, creativity creates.

Meet us on this journey!


Studio Classic 77 is all about hospitality, respect, passion and creativity.

All this creates a warm feeling, the feeling of coming home where you can let your creativity go.

Come visit to experience it for yourself, Don’t let your dreams stop you but create new dreams with us.

Always 10 rare buggies in our collection

build your custom buggy with us!

Building a dream together, with our years of experience your wishes can be created.

Our thoughts and working methods are based on Meyers Manx design.

Studioclassic77 just creates 4 or 5 buggy’s a year, for special projects with equally unique clients.
Working with vintage NOS parts is what we love, details beyond limits.
Passion and love is our way to create, design to your perfection is our goal.


“Don’t worry about a thing, every little detail is gonna be alright”

buying or selling your iconic car?

Your wish is our goal.

If you wish to sell or buy an iconic car, our studio is more than able to guide you.

We know the market inside out. With our connections, we have created a worldwide network. Exhibit your car in our studio, so it can be admired by potential buyers.

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